In Version 6 we have changed the way you register miniCAD. Now you are required to register miniCAD (from within the program) AND apply for a subscription at the website. Why ?

Subscription Benefits

  • Purchase miniCAD6 annually for a very affordable AUD $50 ex GST.
  • The new fee structure is designed to support multiple devices.
  • We will make free licences available for backup or home PC's.
  • Renew your licence each year for a further AUD $50 ex GST.
  • For convenience longer licences are available.
  • Students can apply for free miniCAD6 Professional licences directly from the website.

You can now use miniCAD6 for 16 years before you will have spent more than the cost of a single miniCAD5!

Remember that your subscriptions is linked to your machines (Registration) via your Email and Mobile No. If you don't want to use a Mobile No. you can create a numeric PIN. Whether you are registering a PC or creating a subscription keep these details the same.

Lost or forgotten your reference information ? See the next sections below.


To purchase miniCAD please contact us via email, phone or complete the online purchase form. Once your subscription is in place re-starting miniCAD will activate it.

 How do I register miniCAD ?

To get going with release 6 follow these steps:

  • Download and install the program on your machine (PC, Android, Tablet)
  • Select menu option Help > Register. Enter your Email AND a Mobile No. (or PIN).
  • Apply for a subscription (button above) using the same Email / Mobile or PIN combination.

Now restart miniCAD and the program will do the rest.

For multiple licences on a single subscription follow these steps:

  • Setup up the first PC and link your new subscription using the steps above.
  • Download and install the program on the next machine (PC, Android, Tablet)
  • Select the menu option Help > Register and enter your Email / Mobile or PIN combination.

When you re-start each machine it will link to the same multi licence subscription.

 How many subscriptions do I have ?

If you have one or more subscriptions but don't know the details use the button below. We will send you an email listing all your expired, current and future subscriptions.

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